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Reading about a love story has inspired me to write a little story of my own. 

This story may not be the best love story you have ever read.  It may not make you go ‘aww’ or pull a few strings in your heart, and it may not have a happy ending, or an ending at all, however maybe one day, I can add an ending to the little story I am about to share. 

This is the story of Ryan and I. 

I was at a 21st birthday party, and when the night had ended, everybody wanted to go to another club to hold the after party.  Me and my friends were tired, but we went none the less.  We got to the place, and we just fell onto the couch, falling into our own little restless daze, quite unaware of what was happening around us.  Me more so her, because the next minute, she’s elbowing me: 

Cindy, look it’s a hot halfie! 

Claudia and I had a little liking for half asian boys, and since we were at an asian clubbing event, it is so rare to come across a caucasian boy, or a half asian boy.  So naturally, we got a bit excited, and needless to say, our tired mood was snapped out of just like that.  I dragged Claudia up, and I made sure we danced right next to this boy and his friends.  I was intent on getting Claudia to kiss this half asian boy.  So I did the occasional nudging her into them, and getting their attention, laughing, and silly things like that, and boy did we get their attention.  However, this half asian boy approached me, and not Claudia.

It wasn’t anything personal, me and Claudia are not so silly as to fight over a random boy we didn’t even know yet, and if this boy was interested in me, she would give him to me, (and vice versa) which she did.  Claudia ended up meeting one of the half asian boy’s friend.  The four of us got talking, and we were just getting to know each other.  Ryan (half asian) was in the business line of work, and Liang (Ryan’s friend) was in the army.  

That night was definitely one of my most enjoyable clubbing nights.  It’s rare for you to actually be able to sit down with a complete stranger and just talk about life, laugh about stupid things, flirt a little, kiss a little and have fun.  That’s what me and Ryan did.  So at the end of the night, he asked me for my number. 

Now, I never give my number away, however, I felt this could be a once off thing as me and Ryan really did hit it off great, and so we exchanged details, and the night ended with that. 

The next day. 

I get a call from an unknown number – its Ryan.  We spoke on the phone for a little bit, and then he asked me to come out to smoke hookah/shisha with him and his friend, and to bring Claudia along as Liang would be there, and apparently, them two hit it off quite well as well.  Claudia was stuck at home doing an assignment, however I quite wanted to go and see Ryan again, and since he had called me out, I assumed he wanted to see me too.  So I went.  

We sat in their apartment living room, watching Super Bad and smoking Hookah.  The three of us had a bit more fun, got to know each other more until Liang left to get some food.  This left me and Ryan. Alone. In his apartment.  You can guess how things would have heated up, and Liang seemed to have disappeared for a few hours as well, which was just all too convenient for us.  He told us he didn’t want to interrupt anything when he came back eventually.

The next day. 

We decided to get some ice cream together, but this time, the four of us.  So I basically saw Ryan for three days straight, and when you spend so much time with one person, despite only knowing them for a small amount of time, you begin to feel like you’ve known them for a lot longer.

Now, if you’ve read up to here, I applaud you, as I do ramble a lot.  This is where things start to get interesting. (at least I think). 

An hour after we parted, I received an email from Ryan, titled: An apology.  I was a bit confused at first, and I didn’t know how to feel.  I remember when I started reading the email, none of the words were actually sinking into my head, they were just going in one ear, and out the other. 

Dear Cindy, 

There is no easy way to say this, so I’m just going to come out and say it.  I am a liar and a terrible human being.  To be more exact while I was being myself since the moment I’d met you I haven’t told you who I am or what I do honestly.  

Here are the facts. 

I did actually go to Japan after completing high school and teach English for 1 year like I said.  When I got back my mate Liang and I enlisted in the Australian Army together.  The army has since been my life.

You can probably understand how dumbfounded I was after I read the first part of the email.  For a while, my mind was just blank, and I felt stupid.  Stupid because he was able to keep up his act for so long without me realising, or suspecting.  But I realised there was no point in me feeling that way, and I understood why he did what he did.  So yes, I did accept his apology.

And from that moment on, our only form of communication has been emails, and 1 phone call.  He is currently serving for Australia, up in the middle east, in the front line.  You can probably assume how sometimes I can worry for him, as I do care about Ryan a bit.  Communication is irregular.  Just last month, I did not hear from him for the entire month, and the last email I receive stated:

Late last night I learnt that we’ll be away from our house here for 3-4 weeks.  We will be out on a long operation that involves some very high risk stuff. 

When I hadn’t heard from him in a month, I started dreaming up the craziest stories, and I would feel so guilty for thinking these things, but the war is very unpredictable.  It’s only natural we have these thoughts, right?

Where are we now? 

We’ve been exchanging emails here and there, and he tells me that when he gets his break in six months, he would love to see me and pick up where we left off.  So while I told him that I would not be waiting for him, a big part of me is already waiting, and anticipating his arrival, and our meeting, again.  

As I have finished this piece, I realise this is probably one of the most personal and intimate stories that I have ever shared on a public forum.  When it comes to things like this, I really don’t know if it’s the right thing to do or not.  I feel like something as personal as this should remain between two people, and not for the entire world to share.  Do any of you even feel like that, or am I just being a little bit silly?

Anyway, now its your turn.  What is your love life situation at the moment?