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There are these two little boys have been busking for the 5th week in a row in front of my work. They come, carrying their instruments, which seems to be larger than them itself and play some awfully out of tune, not in sync, and croaky sounding ‘music’. They may not be good, but then again they don’t have to be. The fact that they have the guts to situate themselves in the middle of a street and just play their instruments is something that should be admired.

I think every body who has the courage to be on the street, doing what they do, busking, and showcasing themselves should be commended. Especially since we live in a society where we are always busy busy busy, and our city just expects everything to be done faster, and more efficient, it really is great to be able to walk down a road and listen or see some amazing talents.

So if you have a talent, flaunt it. This is mine:

Streaks of fresh ribbon unravelling inside of me.

I’m ritual dancing with a burning sensation

Holding back flames of happiness and desire,

For each time you tell me that I am beautiful.

I’m trapped within tender spells you cast upon me.

A desperate battle where my heart defies my mind

Greeting your love with what should have remained unsaid,

For in this world, we’re cursed to always be apart.

After all, we’re separated and trapped alone

By innocent waters and the drowning oceans

In a world where hate runs naked and love is pinned,

So in the end, all lovers will be forced to part …

What are you talents? Show me 🙂