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What makes a family member so special that we feel the need to ‘love’ them?  We always get told that we should love and respect our family, why? Well because they are your family!  But is that a good enough reason?

Our family are still people, and although we were born and raised with them, it doesn’t give them an automatic treat-me-like-shit card because I’m your family and you have to love me anyway.  I am actually directing this post about my dad.

So he gave birth to me, raised me, fed me, sheltered me, educated me, did a whole lot of shit for me.  But does that give him the excuse to disrespect me?  I am a human being, just like he is a human being, and respect should be something that is gained, but something you take just because you are my father.

If you do not respect me, why do you expect me to respect you?

Respect is something you always bring up when you yell at me, and I sit there and take in every thing you say, because fighting back would be pointless, and a waste of my energy for either way, you will always think you are right, because you are my father.  You will always think what I have to say is ‘talking back’ and ‘disrespectful to you’, because you are my father.  You will always think you get to treat me like your door mat, because you are my father.  You always always always talk about respect but have no idea what that word even means.

It frustrates me, when you order me around, because you think that you can, because you are my father.  You think that being who you are, you are allowed to get away with everything, and it’s not just me, you treat everybody like that.  My sister, my brother, your wife.  You expect us to tend to your every need, while you sit on your throne and sip on your red wine, as your minions do the work for you.

Nothing is ever good enough for you.  You always find something to criticise, whether that be because I left a tissue on the counter and didn’t pick up after myself.  Or I forgot to empty to rubbish bin, or I forgot to put a new plastic bag in the rubbish bin.  Or I left my shoes outside, or I didn’t shut the blinds, or I forgot to press the start button on the dish washer, or I didn’t empty it out when I had been home all day, or I didn’t make eye contact with you while you were ordering me to do something.  There is always something that you need to pick on, and you turn that one little thing, into something horrendously BIG.

1. You never pick up after yourself.

2. You never do empty the rubbish because you make other people do it for you.

3. You always leave your shoes outside.

4. I’m always in my room, and I don’t go downstairs unless I need to eat.

5. Not every body is perfect, I do forget things.

6. You never empty the dishwasher when you’ve been home all day either.

7. You don’t look at me when I talk to you, or you would have seen me nod at you today to answer ‘yes’ to that question you asked.  Instead, you yelled at me by saying I ignore you.

 If you aren’t happy with the way things are done, do it yourself.

Get off your lazy ass, stop ordering people around, and actually do something for yourself.

And if you want meto respect you, act like you want my respect, and you deserve my respect.  Don’t try and threaten me, saying this is the last time you are going to drop it, for me not respecting you because it’s not a threat.  Do you really think you saying these things will make me want to respect you?

No.  It will just make me liking you, less and less and less until in the end, I will be consumed with hate for you.  And hate it a very strong word.