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November 2012.  Thats the month that Ryan told me he would be coming down to see me.

I actually was ready to just let him roll by me just because there was no definite answer as to where we stood with each other, and how each other felt.  However, three nights ago, I got a missed call from an unknown number, and I had a hunch it was him (taking into consideration the time differences).  I didn’t call back or email him.  On Saturday, I got another call, and I missed that one as well, but he emailed me soon after it letting me know it was him.  I mentioned a little something towards the end of the email, saying it was nice knowing that he hadn’t forgotten about me.  His response:

And don’t worry- i’d never forget you.

He called me later that night, and we spoke on the phone for a while, and flirted a little bit.  After we hung up, he sent me an email straight away saying how lovely it was hearing my voice.  He also brought up the topic of where we stood with each other and how we would be when we met up again.  I guess having that conversation really showed how he was still interested in me, and I guess you can say I felt reassured.  I won’t go into the specifics of our conversation, however we didn’t want to steer the relationship between the two of us too much, so we decided to just let things happen naturally when november approaches.

It’s quite funny how quickly we can lose hope in something, but also how quickly it can gain back.  Even if the event that led you to have hope again didn’t really mean anything, the fact that one little thing changes your entire perspective is a little interesting.

So I guess I just wanted to update you on this situation, it’s not much of an exciting story, but it made me a very happy girl.