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I spent the weekend up in Sydney.  First thing first, I am so jealous of the weather they have in Sydney.  It’s stupid how we are literally right next to Sydney, but Melbourne is so cold.  It was on the verge of hot up there, and here it is on the verge of freeze-to-death cold.

While I was up there, I couldn’t help but do this stupid thing where I’d look out for Ryan.  I mean, I know he’s in the middle east serving his country, but I just keep being optimistic and thinking ‘Oh maybe he came back early and he’ll just appear in the lobby in my hotel’.  Yeah Right, Cindy!  He’s gone out of contact for another 8 weeks now.  I guess I shall hear from him when I do.

Anyway, aside from the amazing weather, Sydney actually is a very asianised city.  The first time I went there, it was with family so we were just around family friends every day, and I thought that was why we were surrounded by asians.  However, this time, when I went without family, I found that it still is very asianised.  Now, I am not being racist here, there is nothing wrong with asians (heck I am asian myself) but it just came as a surprise.  I actually felt like I had stepped into China.  Almost every shop I went into, there were asian sales people, and I don’t know if anyone has ever experienced this before, but in China, when you walk into a store the sales person labels every body as a potential thief and will follow you around the store, trying to sell to you their things by literally putting it through the register to make you pull our your wallet.  They will stand there and gawk at you while you look at things and when you don’t buy anything, they roll their eyes at you almost as if to say ‘thanks for wasting my time’.  I felt like that in Sydney.

However, it was a very beautiful city and all the buildings were something worth admiring and going just to see.  It is definitely the tourist city for Australia.  At least I think so !