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This honestly made my so-far-week. I haven’t been having the best week, but this brought a smile to my face! Have a read, hehe.

I dreamed she sat a throne of jade,

Within a far Cathay,

Her subjects in a long parade

Would praise her night and day.

Her beauty like a sea of jewels,

Her eyes like lovely drowning pools,

Her beauty like,

Her beauty like

Our galaxy that spools and spools.


Her loveliness a charm to prize,

Her sigh like spells of old,

And in her deep romantic eyes

A hint of teal and gold.

She is the one that suitors seek,

They come in ships of oak and teak,

She is the one,

She is the one,

Who leaves her lovers spent and weak.


She drinks from silver chalices

With jewelled and fluted stems,

While in her high-walled palaces

She’s crowned in diadems.

Of all her men I am the least,

This empress of the ancient East,

Of all her men,

Of all her men

Mine ancient love has never ceased!