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There comes to a point in life where one has to start picking the rotten tomatoes from a field of healthy ones, and toss them in the garbage before the rotten tomatoes start to manifest.

It has been a long journey of denial, but i think i have finally come to realise who i need to cut out of my life. While every body around me told me how she was a bad friend, i stuck around and stood up for her because she was my best friend. But i think i have finally come to realise that she isn’t someone who i want to keep in my life.

Much like a relationship between two lovers must end, friendships also hold an expiration date, however we are more likely to hold onto a friendship than a relationship. I wonder why that is.

This doesn’t mean i am going to abruptly remove her from my life, but i will slowly and surely retract myself. Its already happening without me doing anything anyway, which just proves we are only holding onto the past, and our affiliations back then. There is no point stepping back into yesterday’s water, just because it gives us a sense of familiarity and security.

It’s inevitable, we will drift because we are just too different.