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With cupid’s jealousy, we are forced to stand apart
on a hillside edge, where death prospers and trees cremate
and swollen bodies hold arrows through their purple hearts
unable to survive his strike through love’s armour plate.
Even the sun, envious from the heavens will stand
burning holes into souls broadcasting all our flaws
until we love no more, turn to ash, scatter the lands,
roaring in agony when realising we are no more
than the find powder, the dirt, the dust that carries the breeze
on a hillside edge where love cremates, just like the trees.

—We can’t always have it our way, but how come I never have it my way? This is bigger than anything I have experienced, and while I wish for the outcome I want, I know I wont get it. I am a terrible person, and I need to let him be happy. Happiness is not with me, I’m too screwed up. It’s not him, it’s me. He thinks he is bad karma, but I’m the epitome of bad karma. Am I even capable of love? I’m too selfish, too greedy, I do not deserve someone like him… But I want him. Am i wanting him for the wrong reasons?