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I feel like i am starting all over again. I just started work at my new place, and i feel so out of place there. Every one who works there are out going, loud, happy, and just give off such a happy vibe. I feel the opposite. I am not very good at interacting with customers because it distracts me from my work and when things are done out of a certain order i remember it to be done, i get thrown off.

I just feel like i am being a big nuisance to work, and i feel like i am getting on their nerves. I realise that i am new, and there are things that i need to learn and get used to, but are the rest of their new employees like that? I dont want to be perceived in that light, but circumstances just keep popping up where it forces me to have toask questions, and change things for me.

I’m nervous, and i’m a bit scared. I havent got my next shift yet, because i forgot to read my mail, and they are not allowed to give you new shifts until you read those mails. Oh dear… I think im stressed, and i never get stressed.