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I am a mess.
I’m sitting here, wishing i could talk to somebody about the screwed up things going on in my head right now, but i have no body to talk to. To be more specific, i have nobody i want to talk to.
I dont like my friends seeing me a mess, i’m not like that.
I called my friend last night and cried on the phone to him, he didnt know what to do. I didnt know what i was doing, so i hung up. It’s not me.

My friend spoke about how comforting and eye-opening speaking to a psychologist is. I feel like i need to do that just to get all my emotions, that i have hidden for so long, out. I want to stop living my life for a few weeks and just escape. I want to go away and just figure out myself.

Shit, im depressing and totally killing the mood.