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Last week, one of my work colleagues said to me: “You’re always happy, aren’t you, Cindy?”
The ironic thing – i was breaking apart inside that day.

Guess you just become good at hiding when you do it so much. (Maybe that also explains why i was always the last to be found in hide and seek – yes i still play).

Has anyone ever picked up their life and just moved away, starting fresh? How was it like?

Living in another country or state has always been something that i wanted to experience, but now, the idea is becoming more and more enticing. If i think about it, what do i have here that i couldn’t replace elsewhere? I’m sick of the people who surround me, i’m not particularly happy with life, i dont have a steady job yet as i am still studying. So after im finished studying, why not pick up and leave?
I want to start anew, with new people who dont know anything about my past, with people who do not look down on me and belittle me. With people who i can be myself around. (But first i need to figure out who i am).
The only thing stopping me is: failure. I dont want to get to my new life, and not being able to support myself.