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Earlier this year, one of my close friends ran away from home. I helped her. She was going to do it whether or not I helped. She didn’t tell her parents. She told them she was going on a university camp. Packed her stuff that morning, and flew to New Zealand where she started a new life. She gave me a letter to give to her parents.

A month later, her father approached me, asking me about his daughter. He figured that I was a part of it, and he has been asking me to talk to her, coerce her to come back. I knew what she did was wrong. Before she left, I asked her to stay, I tried to persuade her but it did not work, so I knew my chances were even slimmer over the internet. None the less, I tried, even just a phone call she refused.

She blamed her parents for her depression, and she felt like her ignoring them was a punishment for them. With more and more encounters with her father, I feel like she has left me her unwanted baggage, and now I have to handle it, even though it is not my situation to handle. As much as I want to help, there is nothing I can do, and I do not have the heart to tell him she does not want him in her life.  That shouldn’t be something for me to say to her, and when I asked her to do this one thing, if not for her parents, for me, she blatantly refused. She told me I should just cut them out of my life like she did them.

I was so mad. She doesn’t understand how selfish and immature she is acting, and it feels like she only cares about her happiness, when just two weeks ago, she told me she was no longer happy in New Zealand. I hope she cherishes the happiness she feels right now, because that won’t last. I know that is cruel, but until she realises that her depression is not caused by her parents (who do nothing but love her), but is caused by her own selfishness and naiveness, she will not be happy. She can leave her problems all she wants, but they will always be unresolved, and will slowly catch up with her.