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Today, I was taking my grandfather to the podiatrist. We were in the car, and he started asking me if there was a special someone in my life. I told him, half joking half serious that I was never going to get married. He then proceeded to say, “I wonder if I will still be here when you get married”. I did not know how to respond to that at all. I just sat there in silence. He asked about my sister, and I said that she wanted to marry at 28. He then said, “Oh I don’t think I’ll be here for that”. Again, I sat in silence. 

How was I supposed to respond to a comment like that?  My grandparents were with me from the day I was born, and not having them in my life is something that I cannot seem to imagine. I just feel like that something like this could not happen to me, however all around me, it happens to other people. It’s funny how we always think we are the exception to tragedy until it hits us.