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I went on a bit of a crazy slutventure over new year. (probably not what people want to read about, but hey, this was what my new year consisted of).  I was sick of all the drama from this year, and over new year, I went up to my friends beach house for a few nights and I just let loose. I did not give one single f*ck. I drank, tanned, jet boated and went on slutventures. I think it was safe to say I started off my new year fairly drunk and shared it with more boys than I can count with both hands, but it was effing awesome and I’d do it again. 

But I feel like my slutventure may or may not have a bit more to it…I have a friend who there’s always been a bit of sexual tension between us – that part is obvious. We had our first R-rated moment last night and I got so scared because he was being very couply with me.  It got to the point that when we were cuddling in bed, I would just roll away from him, and a minute later, he would be touching me again, but not in an I just want to have sex with you way, but in a I care about you way. The way he kissed me, the way he looked at me, everything was just so couply and so weird.  I didn’t know what to make out of it.  The morning after, I was so freaked out, I tried to sneak out of his house, but he caught me before I could leave and I literally said “catch ya” and “I’ll let myself out” and left. But all day, I’ve been hoping for him to message me, give me some hints but that is the thing, he is always so mysterious in text, never giving much away.  

Am I just curious, or do I actually like what happened and want more?