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This is going to be my last and final post starring Ryan.  My friends told me that it would be weird and fishy if me, a single girl, was friends with a married man, especially if that married man is someone who you were once involved with – and not so long ago as well.

I decided that I would not contact Ryan, not unless he contacted me, and it has been a month so far (I know, not long at all, but it is a start) and he has not contacted me, and I have not contacted him.  Part of me hopes that it will stay that way because there is no knowing what could be brought back if we started reconnecting again.

Although we haven’t said a word to each other in the past month, every now and then, I always think about him, and I think about how happy he must be, and how happy she must be, and how happy their son must be – having a real family.  He deserves to be happy and although his intentions for marrying her was not because of love, I know that he will learn to love her, just as he once did.  He was right when he said that he wasn’t the man for me, because he isn’t.  I’m nineteen, and I shouldn’t be worrying about marriage, and son’s and all this drama.  I should be worrying about my university degree, my studies, my friends and life of a university student, the simple stuff…which reminds me of one of my old posts, called the Simple life. Yes, I should have a simple life, not the dramatic one I had last year.

Here is to 2013 – A simple life.