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Today is definitely the most boring day I have had in a long, long time. I don’t remember the last time I was actually sitting at home…doing nothing. I just want to be out, but I don’t want to be out without a purpose so I’m just at home. Even if I had a pool, that would be good, but no, I do not. 

I had a bit of a fight with my best guy friend last wednesday. It was the first fight we had, we made up, but we haven’t spoken since then. I think we were just giving each other a bit of space because we really just got on each others nerves. I tried to send him a text yesterday to see how he was doing but he hasn’t replied to me yet. I hope he isn’t still being pissy at me because I thought we had mended things… I guess I miss him and his company a little. Even though every conversation we have he always turns it into some flirtatious message (although guys don’t worry, its only joking flirtying). Which makes it all that more annoying because he just takes it WAY too far and I don’t know how to tell him to stop. So when I finally did just crack it, he was like how was I meant to know to stop you always played along with it but the amount of times I told him to shut up was also endless…he just thought I was jokingly telling him to shut up. I guess it is my fault too for not being more out-right about it. But that was what we had a fight about. 

Cal, my other friend who is being very frustrating. He is the hardest person to make plans with and I absolutely hate it. I want to just give up completely but I also don’t want to. He’s hot and cold towards me and it frustrates me so much. 

Kayne, my friends cousin who every body is making fun of me about.  We have a bit of sexual tension between us, and every body can see it. His family, my friends family, our friends, they all make fun of us and when I was on the other side of the room from him, my friend goes up to me and tells me to stand next to Kayne because he wants me next to him. I was talking to him at one stage and my friends dad is looking at us from the window with his hands propped to his chin just smirking. It was so awkward… then he asked me straight in front of him: “You like him don’t you” and I was just like “NOOO”… yes, awkward family moments with families who aren’t even yours. I love them. 

Tiff who our entire group had a massive falling with. She is pretty much gone from our lives I think. This story is a bit complicated to get into, but the bottom line is – we are no longer friends. When I said I wanted to cut her from my life, well I think she initiated that herself because now, we all don’t really want to talk to her anymore. Me more so than the others because she attacked me directly. 

I can’t wait to be in Thailand! PING PONG SHOWS COME AT ME!