We havent known each other for very long, but you don’t need to know someone for a long time to know who they truly are. I know who he is, and I know how I feel about him.
He makes me feel weak at my knees – literally. I know this is cliche, but when he kisses me, I actually feel the instability under my feet.
When I breathe him in, he empties my head, and for a few seconds, I actually feel completely out of it. He makes me happy.
The last time I felt this way was around 4 years ago. I actually cannot stop the smile on my face. Every thing he does just makes me smile.
The way he concentrates while he is studying his notes, the way he looks when he’s trying to figure me out and his eye brows just knit together and he purses his lips and he kind of shakes his head a little bit. The way he eats, and the way his mouth moves. Every little action he does just makes me smile.
Sometimes, he will just take my hand, and kiss every finger tip, and its those simple, cute, actions like this that just makes me appreciate him all that more.
I love being in his arms, and when we are sitting across each other at a dinner table at a restaurant, I feel so far away from him. I can’t reach out and touch him, or kiss him because he’s just too far, and that is something that really irritates me when we eat.
I love when he just holds my face and kisses me.
I love when he rubs his face against mine and all of a sudden, we’re not human, we’re cats just rubbing against each other.

There are so many things.