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This morning, I had a pregnancy scare. Since my last period, i had taken my pills on time every single day, had not missed a day, and was ensuring I was protected. So why would I have any reason to be scared ? 

I did infact, have a UTI infection. UTI (Urinary tract infection) was something that I experienced first when I was still an adolescent because I refused to go to the toilet when it was time to go, and so I eventually developed a UTI. It was ongoing, however I never thought much about it, until this time round, it got quite severe to the point I was actually finding blood on the toilet paper. 

So I went to the doctors. Antibiotics weaken the affect of the pill. I was alright with that, because that only meant we needed another form of contraception. However, the other day, I had a break down in the middle of the city. I never cry in public. That was when I first thought…am I pregnant? why am I being over-emotional? But to justify the crying, I was having a pretty shit day. 

Then, after my UTI infection had healed, I still felt the urge to go to the toilet every 5 minutes. My best friend google told me that it was a sign of pregnancy in the early stages. Pregnancy fright number two. 

After reading that, and linking the two together, I started to feel nausea… I felt sick. What if I was pregnant? Or was me feeling this another sign of pregnancy? 

I drove straight to my local pharmacist and got a pregnancy test. I tested negative, thankfully. But I read the back of the package, and it said that hCG (which is a hormone that is produced only when women are pregnant) would be most traceable at the first urination in the morning. Since the morning, I had urinated around 5 times, and it was only 11AM. So then I thought, so it told me I was negative, but what if it’s because I’ve peed so much my hCG levels are just so low and undetectable right now? 

So although I do feel better, I have made a doctors appointment for tomorrow to be certain for sure. Wish me luck guys… I think I really need it :(.