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Over tuesday night, Zak got really sick, and so this morning, he went to the doctors and he told him that he was coming down with pneumonia. I saw him on monday, and I saw him today. It was such a drastic change. 

Today he just looked so sick, and so fragile. He looked weak in his steps, weak in his actions, and he looked tired. He was coughing blood, he was feverish. Seeing him like that broke my heart. He wouldn’t let me come near him. He kept avoiding me, telling me to stay away from him but all i wanted to do was hold him, and to touch him and comfort him. A part of me actually wanted to catch his virus, so that we could both just be sick in bed together and look after each other, but that’s just stupid. I know if I ended up getting his virus, Zak would be so angry. 

What worried me even more was he fainted in his shower, but luckily his dad walked in and found him. The fact that he was passed out for so long, and he had to be found by his dad is a little scary. You always see those things happen in the movies, but in real life, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered someone have this happen. He went straight to bed after that. 

Hopefully he gets better soon.