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On saturday, Zak came to my house for the very first time. He got here, and messaged me that he was here. I went out to see him and as he was walking towards me, I could tell he was nervous. I asked him: you’re nervous aren’t you? and he just put me into his arms and said, yes… 

He went in and met my parents. They had a conversation, which I was very surprised about. Especially with my mum. She point blank refused to speak to my sisters ex-boyfriend, but with Zak, I could see that she was actually trying to make conversation. Maybe she can see how important he means to me. Or maybe she just wanted to suss him out. I could tell Zak was nervous as he was speaking to my parents. It was adorable. When finally, we were done, and we headed out for dinner, he practically ran up the stairs in excitement it was over, and probably just the after jittery feeling. 

But after he had calmed down, Zak told me that usually when he meets people, he can get a good feeling of whether they will get along or not, and with my parents, he felt that they could have a very strong relationship. That made me happy. 

My parents also told me that they liked Zak. They said, however, it was as long as I was happy. I’m glad they are so accepting about Zak, and that they like him. 

That night was a special night, 18/05/2013. 

After the night we drove the car and parked it at the highest point in metropolitan melbourne, looked at the city lights, talked, laughed and enjoyed ourselves. It was beautiful. He held me in his arms and told me how much he loved me, and it is moments like this, I never want to end. Hearing the sweet, gentle words that come from his lips as he holds me in his arms, stroking my hair and planting soft kisses on my face.