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So this time next month, I will be in Japan, with Mr. Zakaria Sultani. We are travelling from the 18th-31st of July, and honestly, I am just a tad bit excited ! I cannot wait to sit in a plane with Zak and just have his company for the long flight. I cannot wait to spend every hour with him, getting to know him even better, sleep beside him, wake up beside him, create new memories with him and most importantly, BE IN FLIPPIN’ JAPAN BABY! 

We have already booked everything, so there is nothing left for us to stress about. All there is to do is pack our luggage, wait for the 18th and jet off at midnight! 

When we arrive on the 18th, that night we have booked two tickets to a sumo wrestling match, sitting from row, box seats. I just cannot wait to see the wrestlers and see how big they are !! 

We have also booked a two day overnight mt. fuji tour. Basically, we will start climbing at night and by the time we reach the top, it will be sunrise and we can watch the sun rise from the top, then walk back down and bathe in an onsen for the afternoon. It will be a workout, but I’m sure we will both feel fit, healthy and fresh after it ! (as well as tired) 

We have also booked in a mountain bike riding session and a night in a tradition Japanese home. 

I cannot wait to explore the country, eat their food, and experience their culture ! FUN FUN FUN 😀