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Today marks the end of my three year Bachelor degree (assuming I pass all of my final exams). Next year, I will be completing my masters in nursing. However, it isn’t at my current university, which is the University of Melbourne. The master of nursing practice is at Monash University, in Clayton. For those who are not melbournians, that is quite far away. It means it will take me roughly 1 hour 45 minutes to travel to Monash University from home. It also means I wont be able to spend much time with Zak. 

We had a talk today. He brought it up. If I am going to be at Monash, and him at Melbourne, it would make it very difficult for us to even see each other. It would be easier if we lived close. But he lives a little over an hour’s drive from my house. We only ever spent time together when we both at Uni days. But next year, all that is going to change. 

Its not only the distance, its our prioritising. Zak wants to get into med, which will take roughly another 7 years and is going to be so intense, and requires his 110%. Nursing is going to be my 110%. So if we are both so focused on reaching our goals and so busy studying to achieve them, what about each other ? 

We decided we needed a plan to follow. A specific day every week we would call ‘Zak and Cindy day’. However I know it is going to be so difficult for my to follow this plan. I know I will struggle immensely in the beginning,  then that struggle will wear off as I get used to the routine. However the thought of hardly ever seeing Zak really puts me in a sad mood. I guess what I have to realise is, this is going to be 7 years of our life, compared to the rest of our life. The more we focus, and the earlier we reach our goals, the sooner we get to be together. 

Nursing is my dream, however Zak is my life. I can live without nursing, however I do not want to live without Zak. I know those words are so easily thrown around, and it probably doesn’t mean much, however I just don’t know how to express my love, and the feelings I carry for this boy. 

So that was my today.